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The Patriots Fund is a federal Political Action Committee intended to advance and support conservative candidates running for federal offices.  Our Board of Directors sees American society dangerously at the brink of shifting fully to the left. We believe by standing firm in our convictions and staying true to our first principles we will prevail.

  • We support the Constitution

  • We believe that America is over-taxed and Washington over-spends

  • We believe in freedom and individual responsibility

  • We understand illegal immigration is illegal by definition

  • Most of all, we believe in America as it was founded


Our nation desperately needs conservative voices in Washington DC. The Patriots Fund, through aggressive web advertising, phone calls, polling, direct mail, and media ads, has supported GOP Congressional candidates in Michigan, Michigan is traditionally a "blue" state, and the victories our fund has played a role in were some of the most  hotly contested elections in the country.

Our President and Founder

The President/Founder of the Patriots Fund is Scott Greenlee, who has been active in Republican Politics and conservative causes for over 30 years.  He has served in Finance, Grassroots, and Strategic Roles for races, ranging from City Council to Presidential Campaigns. 

A Delegate to many State and National Conventions, he served as Coalitions Vice Chair of the Michigan Republican Party.

He is also the President of Greenlee Consulting, a full service Political and Corporate Consulting Firm based in Michigan, with an office in Manila, Philippines. Greenlee Consulting serves political and corporate clients throughout the world.



The Patriots Fund works only with Republican candidates and, to date, has been focused in Michigan, where it was founded. In 2020, it will be active in races around the country that are important to regaining the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives while maintaining the majority in the U.S. Senate. 


Congressman Tim Walberg, Congressman Fred Upton, former Congressman Pete Hoekstra, former Congressman Dan Benishek, and others have benefited from outside support by The Patriots Fund over the last decade.



The Patriots Fund has a national network of partners specializing in polling services to determine independently where key races are at, how messages are received by that District’s voters, and what the challenges are in that District to overcome and lead our selected candidates to victory. 

Additionally, that same network has media partners specializing in messaging, full digital campaigns, print/mail, radio, and TV.  The amount that The Patriots Fund is able to raise will allow some or all of these methods to reach voters in as efficient and effective manner as possible. 

The Patriots Fund, as noted, operates 100% independently from any campaign and as such, may emphasize things about a race that the campaign chooses not to which can provide a benefit to the overall goal of getting a candidate to separate from the field and win the race.


Today’s political  arena is extremely competitive. The influx of social media and digital marketing has created an increase in voter outreach methods and campaign time frames are moving up earlier and earlier.  Super PACs have become more important, as we projected when we started The Patriots Fund in 2010. 

This need will continue to grow for decades to come.  This also allows individuals who own or have an interest in a company (companies) to donate in that manner where they cannot do that at all directly to a campaign.  The Patriots Fund has taken in donations ranging from $100 to $50,000 from individual people and corporations since it was founded.


The Patriots Fund

Scott Greenlee

PO Box 1412

Grand Rapids, MI 49501

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